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We at Gula Villan (The Yellow Villa) have to offer two private guesthouses, both located in a quiet neighborhood close to the centre of Akureyri. They are only a few minutes walk to most of the interesting sites in "The Capital of the Shining North". A comfortable geothermally heated swimming pool is within a walking distance and is heated for outdoor swimming all year round.

Click on "Location" to see further information on where we are located. The rooms in Gula Villan are warm and cosy and each can accommodate 1-5 persons. Free Wi-Fi in both houses.

In both guesthouses are kitchen facilities and guests can either buy breakfast or make themselves at their own convenience. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to reserve your night or get more information. We will do our best to make sure your stay is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

The host of Gula Villan Guesthouse is Sigríđur María Hammer. We hope to see you soon!

Gula Villan ˇ Brekkugötu 8 & Ţingvallastrćti 14 ˇ 600 Akureyri ˇ Iceland
Tel: +354 896 8464
ˇ E-mail: gulavillan@nett.is ˇ Tungumál/Language/Lingue/Sprache: flag-iceland ˇ flag-uk ˇ ˇ